Restoran Dominic

About us

Since 1374

Restaurant Dominic, located in the hear of Tallinn’s Old town, is a cozy restaurant for people who appreciate European cuisine.
The history of our house is far reaching as the house was first mentioned in the year 1374, when it was owned by the wealthy merchant Johan Boleman.
Not many places in Tallinn have a interior as well preserved and unique as Restaurant Dominic’s.

On the aft side of the building there is a cozy cafe with a Italian style menu. The elegant a la carte restaurant is located in the main dining hall with a menu inspired by French cuisine.
We also have private rooms including wine cellar and a cigar room.

We welcome You to enjoy our delicious food, historical and elegant atmosphere and always friendly and excellent service!

Chef Allar Oeselg

The food offered by the Head Chef is influenced by classical French cuisine and suits well with the dignified and elegant atmosphere of Dominic.
You could say it’s delicious, but not over the top, but intelligent and memorable.
Friendly and helpful waiters guarantee, that your chosen food is paired with a well suited wine to help make the meal a memorable event, not just a meal.

What else to say about Restaurant Dominic? It’s a restaurant, that doesn’t create unnecessary fuss around itself. It just is and radiates elegance and quality from it’s service, food and wines and the atmosphere.